Is it time for your next physical exam? South Georgia and North Florida residents head to Airport Clinic for a range of physical exams from routine annual checkups to sports and occupation-specific physicals.

  • Basic & Advanced physicals (including annual physicals for all ages)
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Pre-operative physicals
  • DOT physicals (also including DOE and FDLE)
  • OSHA physicals
  • School & Sports physicals

Our routine physicals involve a look at your overall health and may include diagnostic tests or screenings based on your family's medical history, your age, your lifestyle (active or sedentary) and habits including nutritional habits, whether you smoke and how much alcohol you drink on a weekly basis. Regular physicals allow for early detection of numerous medical conditions or diseases including heart disease, hypertension, breast cancer, prostate cancer and high cholesterol. The earlier a condition is pinpointed, the easier it will be to manage or cure it.

If you're a high school athlete, Georgia and Florida statues and the Georgia/Florida High School Athletic Association require annual physicals for participation in any interscholastic athletic program or activity. And the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) mandates annual sports physicals performed by a medical examiner. We recommend annual sports physicals for anyone who regularly engages in competitive sports, whether you're a high school quarterback training for an NFL career, or simply an avid runner preparing for the next charity fun run. For athletes in the Lowndes County area, our sports physicals at Airport Clinic are designed to make sure you're ready to bring your best game.

Are you an employer looking at a potential new hire? Make sure both your prospect and your company are safe with a pre-employment physical. Lowndes County area employers depend on Airport Clinic’s employment physicals and drug screens to make sure potential hires and current workers are physically able to handle all the tasks that their daily duties require. Our employment physicals may include hearing and vision screenings, strength tests and cardiac stress tests. We also offer a variety of drug panel employee testing to assure that your employee is free of "street drugs" including marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamines and prescription medication and others.

Commercial motor vehicle drivers are federally mandated to undergo the annual DOT physical, formally known as the Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration physical exam.

If it's time for your next exam, call Airport Clinic, Inc. Use our convenient Same Day Appointment or Just Walk In.