What Primary Injury Care is, who it's for?

Primary injury care is caring for non-emergency injuries sustained at work or home. Typical examples include cuts and bruises, injury from falls or lifting, abrasions of or foreign bodies in the eyes, and sprains of fingers, ankles, and other joints.

When your injury occurs in the work setting, your supervisor or manager typically directs you to Airport Clinic for treatment. If your injury isn't work-related, we'll treat you as a Airport Clinic patient.

How we serve you with Primary Injury Care

Airport Clinic, Inc. medical providers practice evidence-based medicine which has set a new standard of excellence for the health care industry. With this approach patients return to work, to play, and to life faster and more affordable:

  • Assess the injury and the urgency of treating it (triage).
  • Question the patient to learn how the injury occurred, the medical history of the individual, and other important information.
  • Counsel the patient on next steps and what to expect during the treatment plan.
  • Direct the patient to return to reduced or normal activity.

How you benefit from Primary Injury Care

  • Assurance of Care — First and foremost, our patients receive quality medical care. Our focus is on best practices to both treat injuries and return patients to normal functioning.
  • Better Outcomes — By monitoring and managing treatment throughout a patient’s care, our clinicians can produce better outcomes for the patient.
  • Convenience —Patients receive immediate medical attention at one facility and during one visit.

Lower Costs — For urgent care patients, our efficient, cost-conscious health care leads to lower medical costs. We also offer payment options and accept most medical insurance.